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Excalibur: Holy element sword good for INT type because it adds 10 int, drop by Lotro Gold werewolf the MVP (currently not available).

Cutlus: Adds +2 STR good for STR types only you can get it from drake.

Mysteltain: The sword of darkness as it is dark element. It does 15% more damage on glost type monsters. You have to do a quest to get it.

Talefing: The most strongest one hand sword ever had does 185 damage but don't know where to get it, effects also unknown. This is the sword used by the character Chaos in the ragnarok comics I think.

Note: Some of the swords here can be used by novice, check the official website for more info at here I will continue to maces

Club: What to say might as well throw it away.

Mace: This can replace club as its ATK is better.

Smasher: Quite nice too it does 54 ATK power.

Flail: A pity you cannot use it has a quide high ATK too.

Chain: Samething, you cannot use it, popular for battle priest.

Morning Star: You cannot use it, one of the most strongest mace you can buy from shop.