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Tanking for spear paladins is possible as there are two great bosses you can tank World Of Warcraft Gold, knight of albyss and maya purple. And when you join a party, you become a great character with fast attack speed that clears mobs.

Maya purple Weapons: +5 fire lance (very strong lance also can)

Korean rice cakes can be obtained from spring rabbits and some monsters, it heals 10% of hp and it is far lighter than white potions. You can carry 400 of them without getting overweight. Try using this item to take over white potions.

Masterly fruit, you can consider getting this too, light and effective. Then hit it with normal attacks or bash, if using against high flee characters, use your mummy trident and HC it until you hear the darkness status sound and follow by bash.

Weapons to use: +5 ice lance (deals roughly 200+)

Party: A priest or you can go solo on your own.

Method: Magnum break arc louse if there are any of them near you, maya purple is far easier to solo than knight of albyss as you can dodge it more. Bash it when necessary or use holy cross, or you can kill it like a normal monster but do aware you will receive more damage if you delay the time.