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The method is more risky to buy cheap wow gold. Surprisingly, there are players and Web sites that sell the World Of Warcraft Gold exchange real money.

So it seems to be the fastest way to get the gold, but do you want to risk suspension of your account if you're caught. In the worst case, the accounts may be quite complete. It is ultimately your decision regarding the steps you take to be your best kept secret gold.

The achieve gold is fishing. Do not be fooled into thinking fishing is not worth your time; it is profitable!

The first three guides WOW reveal what the fish make the money, where you can find them and how to level fishing guide quickly. Your must include ways to increase your chances of winning the fishing contest.

Rogue: Poison mark up by a strong poison right now.

Warlock: Soul Fire no longer consumes little devil efficiency and soul of the Sunburn burning effect, it will preferentially Empowered Imp while retaining the soul of Sunburn fuel.

Warrior: Shield Slam damage reduced about 28% at 15 level.

Task: The fire element in the task "stolen diary" can display correctly on the small tracking map. Orgrimmar and Storm-wind daily fishing tasks have returned. Players can reach the flight destination of the right task "Fuse-light, Ho!"