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Go up and talk to the captured prisoner, Charlie. Charlie denies his accusation and says that he was just simply following orders. His story is that Glough had paid him WOW Gold to go to Hazelmere and deliver back to Glough the Daconia rocks.

After the talk, Charlie and you will be suspicious of Glough and Charlie will motion you to search Glough’s home.

Head back to where Glough lives. Open the cupboard and search it for Glough’s journal. Speak to Glough again and Glough will order his guards to lock you up in the same cage Charlie is in.

After the cut-scene, Charlie will talk to you. He’ll tell you that he was sent by Glough to deliver a large amount of gold to a seaman in the Karamja Shipyard, which is east of Shilo Village. Then, the king will come upstairs and unlock you from the cage, saying that Glough had the right to arrest, but that you’re free to go.

Head on over to the Gnome Pilot. Tell him to take you to Karamja (it is a good idea to bring the runes required to teleport to Ardougne as the place you’ll be ending up at is a long walk from the Grand Tree, which you’ll have to return to).