There are many kinds of projectile turrets, breaking down into two main classes in game

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Projectile Turrets - Projectile turrets are an ancient weapon type used for centuries before the EVE gate was discovered. They do not use Lotro Gold complicated operations to charge the ammunition in the way a hybrid does, so they use the least amount of capacitor energy of the turret types. There are many kinds of projectile turrets, breaking down into two main classes: rapid-fire short-range auto-cannons, and long-range but slow artillery. Projectile ammunition can cover a wide range of damage types and uses, so you can select something to use for general situations, or you can tailor your choice to certain damage types. You can always switch ammo types if you need to, but this takes more time than swapping frequency crystals. Bomb Launcher - Bomb launchers are specialty systems designed for stealth bombers. Bomb bays launch a warhead that causes area of effect damage. Due to the high cost of manufacturing bombs, most stealth bombers do not use bombs in combat. Projectile turrets come in two types: Auto-cannons: Faster tracking, lower range, higher rate of fire, lower damage per shot. Artillery: Lower tracking, higher range, lower rate of fire, higher damage per shot. Minmatar ships are designed to make the most of Projectile turrets, with numerous damage and rate of fire bonuses.