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Levels 30-40: Once you hit 30, does all of your remaining level 20-29 quests, you should have been picking Guild wars gold up as you leveled. They should easily get you to at least 32.

When you hit 32, do your 30-32 quests to hit 33. When you hit 32 or 33, there is a quest from the Title Merchant. Do it.

The second part is a leveling quest (purging of moonlit tomb), that will level you completely. My advice here though, is make sure you’re at 0% when you turn in the quest, because it gives you 99% of the level, and once you level, you cannot pick it back up.

So get to 99%, pick it back up, and go complete it again. By killing the stuff to do it, you will level again. Turn it in to level yet once more!

Whatever level you are now, you are definitely 33+. This means you can now do Robo. Pick up the quest from Shutian, and spam the crud outta the quest. Try hard to Win it, because the exp from it to a level 33~39 is much more then 40-46. Between KQs, do your quests.

Remember to ask your Academy for help if you have problems! Especially on Boss quests, you should easily hit 40.